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Transverter "One house at a time"
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Lead Organization:
Heart Transverter S.A.
HQ Location:
Boulder, Colorado
Project Contact Information:

Name: Heart Akerson
Email: heart@transverter.com

Project URL:
Project Summary:

Projects which started in 2010, have 100 home/office/condo per installation.
Each project will spent $746k on raw materials.
Each project will provide $341k for local installers and dealers.
Each project will pass on $1,087k of costs to the end users.
Each project will reduce energy consumption by over 20% meaning they are saving over 23 MWH per month.
Each project will produce about 13.8 MWH of solar electricity meaning reducing electrical consumption from the grid by more than 37 MWH per month.
Each project will provide the grid and neighborhood or building with 400 kw of automatic surge assist to stabilize things when large inductive motors start.
Each project will provide the grid and neighbor hood or building with 400 kw of automatic power factor compensation which increases the real capacity of the infrastructure by that amount.
Each project will provide complete detailed documentation of everything so they can increasingly make the local grid smarter.
Each project will have already installed capability to increase the solar to as much as 400 kw which could produce 60 MWH per month.
The T13X can be programmed to not allow all of the large loads to run at the same time. This, coupled with the automatic surge assist, could allow you to reduce the 100 amp service to 50 amp service with practically no perceivable difference in the feel, usability and comfort of the home or office. This would absolutely cut the cost of installing the electrical infrastructure in half.
Each project will provide the entire complex with significant automatic backup power that can span an entire working day and survival level power indefinitely. That is energy security.
Everything is in place for a CES (Community Energy Storage) system to be implemented. They simply have to define the rules for energy sharing.
Each project will feed all of the R&D efforts of everyone in the electrical energy and smart grid sector, accelerating the development of new technologies and solutions.

Additional Information:

- These 100 house beta sites will be installed in Colorado, California, Ontario, North Carolina and Costa Rica
- Project start year: 2010
- Expected completion year: 2011
- Project value: $1M per 100 house project

For more information, please visit: http://www.transverter.com/smart.html.


This information was submitted by Heart Akerson, Heart Transverter, on July 23, 2010.