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Installation of next-generation electric meters
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Lead Organization:
Cooperative of Public Works and Services, Brinkmann
HQ Location:
Córdoba, Argentina
Project Contact Information:

Cooperative of Public Works and Services, Brinkmann
Cardoba, Argentina

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project Summary:

Juan Sclarandi , a Cordoba-based company plans to start installing smart electricity meters that will improve the control of the service provided to the city of Cordoba in Argentina. The replacement of meters for the city represent an important advance in terms of technology applied to power distribution service. The total investment covers the 3,000 users who have the Cooperative and hovers around 750 000 pesos, as the unit cost of the meters is $80 [1].
The project focuses on the following functionalities: 2 Way Communications, Remote Connection/Disconnection, Tamper/Diagnostic Alerts and uses the Power Line Communications technology, coded PSK (Phase shift keying) with double FEC (Fast Ethernet Channel) [1].


[1] La Manana De Córdoba. URL: http://www.lmcordoba.com.ar/2008/01/08/nota156926.html