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KESC - Karachi Electricity Supply Company AMI
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Lead Organization:
KESC - Karachi Electricity Supply Company
HQ Location:
Karachi, Pakistan
Project Contact Information:

KESC Head Office, 39-B, Sunset Boulevard, Phase-II, Defence Housing Authority
Karachi, 75500
Phone: 92 21 920 5100
Fax: 92 21 920 5147

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project Summary:

According to [1], KESC which generates and supplies electric power to Karachi with a population of 17 million plans to install a Smart Grid which overlays the electricity distribution grid with an information and net metering system and delivers electricity to consumers using digital technology with two-way communications to control appliances at consumers' homes to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability and transparency.


[1] KESC Website News. URL: http://www.kesc.com.pk/en/news/mediacenter/current-news/kesc-ustda-sign-...