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Intelligent Energy System (IES) Pilot Project
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Lead Organization:
Energy Market Authority (EMA)
HQ Location:
Jalan Bahar, Singapore
Project Contact Information:

Energy Market Authority
991G Alexandra Road,
Singapore 119975
Phone: 119975
Email: ema_enquiry@ema.gov.sg

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project URL:
Project Summary:

The "Intelligent Energy System" (IES) pilot project seeks to test and evaluate new applications and technologies around a smart grid. The success of the IES pilot project will enable the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to adopt and roll out workable solutions for Singapore’s power system, thereby enhancing its efficiency and resilience, reducing wastage, shaving peak loads and deferring capital investments to meet consumer demand in the future. This will also lead to lower energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The project, to be implemented mainly at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), will also include multiple sites such as the neighboring CleanTech Park at Jalan Bahar and selected residential, commercial and industrial buildings, encompassing about 4,500 smart meters.


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