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Powering New York State’s Future Electricity Delivery System: Grid Modernization
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

The New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC), a public-private partnership devoted to statewide implementation of the smart grid, released a white paper that articulates long-range objectives for grid modernization in New York State that support the bold initiatives Governor Andrew Cuomo recently outlined in his annual State of the State speech. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the paper also urges for a coordinated approach to harden the state's infrastructure and modernize the power system, which in turn will support the recommendations offered by the New York State 2100 Commission.
This paper has described the challenges and opportunities that impact New York State grid modernization, summarizes many of the grid modernization activities currently underway in the state, and lists some of the high priority research and development areas.

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New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC)