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Yokohama Smart City Project
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Lead Organization:
City of Yokohama
HQ Location:
Yokohama, Japan
Project Contact Information:


International Project Category :
Customer Systems 
Project Summary:

The Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP) is an effort to develop a model for smart cities by means of cooperation between citizens, private companies, and the municipality, and to export the successful model to Japan and the rest of the world. Large-scale operational experiments are being held with Yokohama, a large, advanced city with a diverse topographical range of districts, as the stage. The hierarchical bundling of energy management systems (EMS) enables energy management at the level of individual EMS and demand-side management at the level of the overall system.

Additional Information:

Participating Companies and Organizations:

- Tokyo Institute of Technology
- Accenture
- Sharp Corporation
- Hitachi, Ltd. etc.