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2013 Grid Modernization Index
Gridwise Alliance, Smart Grid Policy Center

The GridWise Alliance (GWA) and Smart Grid Policy Center (SGPC) have created the first ranking of states, based on grid modernization policies and activities, entitled the “Grid Modernization Index” (GMI). The purpose of this GMI is to evaluate and communicate the status of electric grid modernization in the United States. It also explains some of the relationships or connections between state policies and regulations, customer engagement, and utility investments in the modernization of the grid, given sometimes significant variations in state authorities, market structures, and business models. The GMI ranking system, or “scorecard,” uses a clearly defined set of criteria to evaluate and convey the progress and impacts of this transformative set of improvements to the nation’s electric infrastructure. This Grid Modernization Index consists of three components:
1. Policy: State policies and regulatory mechanisms that facilitate grid investment;
2. Customer Engagement: Investments throughout the state in customer–enabling technologies and capabilities; and,
3. Grid Operations: Investments throughout the state in grid-enhancement technologies and capabilities.
Data were gathered on 41 states and the District of Columbia. A distinguished Advisory Committee also assisted in developing and validating the GMI. This report highlights the 15 states that scored the highest, based on criteria defined for each of the three component areas. The report also identifies practices that were common across these states. Finally, it presents overarching insights acquired from having examined the data collected for all 42 jurisdictions.

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