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Technology Performance Report: Public Service Co. of New Mexico Smart Grid Demonstration Project
Public Service Company of New Mexico

The Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) demonstration project installed an energy storage system composed of two elements: a 0.5MW Smoothing Battery utilizing Ultra Batteries and a 0.25MW/0.99MWhr Peak Shifting Battery utilizing Advanced Lead Acid Batteries, both manufactured by Ecoult/East Penn Manufacturing. These two systems combined with a single 0.75MW Power Conditioning System, are co‐located with a separately installed 500kW solar PV plant, at a utility-owned site, to create a firm, dispatchable, renewable generation resource. This hybrid resource provides simultaneous voltage smoothing and peak shifting through advanced control algorithms, and is capable of easily switching between end-of‐feeder and beginning‐of‐feeder configurations to demonstrate simultaneous smoothing and shifting encompassing a range of applications.

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