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EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative 4-Year Update

"The EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative is a seven year international collaborative research initiative demonstrating the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in large scale demonstration projects. The initiative, which began in 2008, is leveraging multi-million dollar Smart Grid investments in the electric utility industry for a common goal of shared learning that covers a wide breadth of technology, deployment, and program results among 23 participating utilities.
This four-year update picks up where the three-year update left off. Last year, we primarily reported on examples of the people, equipment and work being performed by the members of this initiative. This year as the initiative moved past the half-way mark, the research has progressed into a stage where solid results are becoming available and can be shared among the collaborative. Although we had two utilities join the initiative in 2011, Ergon Energy from Australia and Hawaiian Electric Company, others have been actively deploying equipment to the point where data collection and analysis have enabled completion of case studies focused on specific portions of the demonstrations. We are grateful for the exceptional efforts of many individuals who conducted the studies and documented the results presented here."

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