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Texas River Cities Plug-In Electric Vehicle Initiative: Regional Plan and Final Report
Texas River Cities Plug-In Electric Vehicle Initiative

Electric utilities achieve a higher level of service through improvements in operational reliability, better energy information and energy management tools for customers, and integration of renewable energy resources. Intelligent integration of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) with the electric system supports several of these service goals, enables reductions in carbon emissions, and provides a cost-effective and stable transportation fuel alternative.
To fully achieve these benefits, barriers must be removed that inhibit the purchase of PEVs and the installation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). For this reason, Austin Energy, a City of Austin municipally-owned electric utility and thought-leader in PEV infrastructure, formed the Texas River Cities Plug-in Electric Vehicle Initiative (TRC) to promote PEVs in the Central Texas region, including the greater Austin and San Antonio communities.
The scope of TRC is to provide a regional/community-based infrastructure readiness plan, providing a series of templates and tools that can be adopted by and adapted to any region or community in the country. Contributors to this report include electric utilities, PEV manufacturers, dealerships, charging manufacturers and installers, community groups, local, state and federal government officials, academic and research institutions, and other industry participants.

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