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Case Study of Smart Meter System Deployment: Recommendations for Ensuring Ratepayer Benefits
Karin Hieta, Valerie Kao, and Thomas Roberts

This case study is an examination of Southern California Edison’s (SCE) “SmartConnect” Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), or smart meter program, to date. The report presents key findings stemming from the Division of Ratepayer Advocate’s (DRA) review of cost requests thus far. DRA supported the use of AMI to the extent that it can provide net benefits to customers as projected when approval was granted by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). DRA intends for this report to alert the CPUC to the challenges of tracking AMI costs and benefits and recommends regulatory actions be taken, if necessary, to ensure AMI systems statewide provide a net benefit to customers.

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Division of Ratepayer Advocates