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Technical Update- Wind and Solar PV Modeling and Model Validation

The proliferation of variable generation technologies, particularly wind generation, into the bulk transmission grid in the U.S. and internationally has been significant over the past decade. This trend will most likely continue in light of national (in other countries) and state renewable portfolio standards. Thus, there is at present a need for generic, standard and publicly available models for variable generation technologies for the purpose of power system planning studies. EPRI has been a key participant and contributor in several industry wide efforts aiming to fulfill this need. These groups include the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) Renewable Energy Modeling Task Force, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Integration of Variable Generation Task Force, the IEEE Dynamic Performance of Wind Generation Working Group and the International Electrotechnical Commission TC 88 WG27.
In collaboration with these groups EPRI has been contributing to the industry wide effort for the development of public and generic models of the steady-state and dynamic performance of variable generation technologies for power system analysis. This technical update provides a summary of the work performed as part of this effort in 2012 continuing from the work done in previous years

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