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Collaborative Initiative to Advance Enterprise Integration of DER

This document summarizes the findings of a workshop aimed at advancing industry efforts to bring inverter-connected distributed energy storage and generation into use as a grid resource. The electric power industry has taken previous steps to prepare for higher penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) by working collaboratively to develop smart inverter standards and field network protocols that may be used for monitoring and managing devices in the field. But standards do not yet exist to support the enterprise integration (software-to-software) of these device capabilities in a useful and manageable way. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is launching a new collaborative activity specifically to address the need for enterprise integration of DER.
The activity is being coordinated with the DOE through the DOE Smart Inverter Initiative and with the National Institute of Standards and Technology through the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’s Distributed Renew­ables, Generators, and Storage Domain Expert Working Group. The initiative kicked off with a face-to-face workshop that brought together a group of utility distribution management experts, distribution management system software, and distributed energy storage and generation specialists to identify a starting list (core set) of practical, useful, enterprise-level interactions for DER. This report is the output from that workshop and is intended to provide the industry with an initial point of reference for DER integration with other utility applications and to provide guidance to ongoing research and standards development organizations.

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