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Potential Role of Concentrating Solar Power in Enabling High Renewables Scenarios in the United States
Denholm, P.; Hand, M.; Mai, T.; Margolis, R.; Brinkman, G.; Drury, E.; Mowers, M.; Turchi, C.

This work describes the analysis of concentrating solar power (CSP) in two studies- The SunShot Vision Study and the Renewable Electricity Futures Study, and the potential role of CSP in a future energy mix.The SunShot Vision Study evaluated the impact of low-cost solar technologies, while the Renewable Electricity Futures Study analyzed the grid benefits and impacts of providing up to 90% of the nation’s electricity from renewables. A wide range of renewable technologies was evaluated in these studies, including CSP. As a result, these studies provide insights into the potential opportunities and challenges for large-scale deployment of CSP and its benefits as an enabling technology and source of dispatchable energy.

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