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Ameren Services Company Smart Grid Workforce Training
Ameren Services Company
Training Location(s):
Illinois, Missouri
Contact Information:

One Ameren Plaza 1901 Chouteau Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103
Tel: 314-621-3222

Program Description:

Smarter Workforce Training Program - This DOE sponsored program is designed to ensure a highly skilled and trained workforce to install, operate, maintain, and utilize "smart" devices and software that support Ameren's smart grid efforts. The project supports training in three smart grid areas: Advanced Data Management System; new Graphic Information System (GIS) functionality (mapping system); and other smart devices for the electric distribution system. It is expected that over 4,000 individuals will benefit from training.

Training Level:
Non-degree program: Training and certificate courses
Additional Information:

For more information about this program, please visit:
- http://stlouis.bizjournals.com/stlouis/stories/2010/04/05/daily61.html