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The Ohio State University Strategic Training and Education in Power Systems
The Ohio State University
Training Location(s):
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Enarson Hall 154 W 12th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Program Description:

I-SMART: Integrated Curriculum for Smart Power Engineering - This DOE sponsored program is designed to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum for electric power engineers (I-SMART curriculum) that includes a hardware-in-the-loop based Virtual Smart Grid Test Platform, which will simulate the functions of a real Smart Grid in an integrative environment, and a comprehensive distance learning system. The project will also train high school teachers through hands-on summer workshops and provide materials for the classroom.

Training Level:
Non-degree program: Training and certificate coursesDegree program: Community college and higher education
Additional Information:

For more information about this program, please visit:
- http://ece.osu.edu/news/2010/05/ece-awarded-25-million-reinvigorate-powe...