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Incremental Systems Corporation Smart Grid Workforce Training
Incremental Systems Corporation
Training Location(s):
Contact Information:

4618 194th Avenue SE
Issaquah WA, 98144
Tel: 425.643.3166

Program Description:

Massive Real-time Simulations for Training Smart Grid Operators - This DOE sponsored program is designed to update real-time simulations with specific and realistic models of the nine NERC regions so that system operators, engineers, and students can experience and learn to prevent major power system events. The simulations will facilitate capturing the implicit knowledge that is embedded in the experience and intuition of senior operators and transferring it to a broad range of trainees. As a demonstration, the simulations will be used to train and certify 120 military veterans as NERC system operators and place them in energy industry jobs.

Training Level:
Non-degree program: Training and certificate courses