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Consumer Engagement: Facts, Myths, and Motivations: Grid Strategy 2011: Consumer Engagement Whitepaper

In October of 2010, the EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative determined that a comprehensive evaluation of consumer perspectives toward smart grid technologies is needed to further the industry’s understanding of consumer motivators. The member utilities desire the information they need to approach what could be interpreted as a lack of interest in the new technology. Understanding the consumer’s attitudes towards smart grid technology will help utility activities ranging from the design of informational materials through assisting regulatory bodies to better relate to the consumer.

To engage the consumer, utilities need to understand the value drivers in the consumer’s own terms and to be able to create a “pull” so that consumer will ask to become involved in grid modernization and smart grid technology. The research covered in this public whitepaper is focused on consumer drivers and perceptions along with the lifestyle impacts of smart grid technologies. Discussion includes the top several motivators, consumer perceptions, and conflicting information consumers may have received from various sources. Key issues discussed are motivation, consumer education, consumer attitudes, consumer value, and concepts to consider in working towards a common industry message.

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