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EVB Energy Solutions GmbH
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Lead Organization:
EVB Energy Solutions GmbH
HQ Location:
Velbert, Germany
Project Contact Information:

Mr. Ingo Tiede
Bernsaustr. 7-9
42553 Velbert

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project Summary:

EVB Energy Solutions GmbH, with its headquarters in Velbert, North Rhine Westfalia, Germany, is one of the leading European service providers for power suppliers and network operators. For over ten years, EVB Energy Solutions GmbH has supported the energy industry in almost all the relevant customer processes, e.g. in the areas of billing, customer relationship management, traditional metering, invoicing and with regard to procedures in the deregulated market. In this context, the company, employing over 300 staff, works for eight of the ten largest energy suppliers in Germany.

In its role as value added reseller of the Echelon corporation, EVB Energy Solutions GmbH is, with its Smart Metering solution METERUS®, one of the German market leaders for the supply and operation of "Smart Metering systems", with power line-based communication (PLC). METERUS® performs in an excellent manner the standard functions of a top-grade Smart Metering system such as remote reading, remote switching on and off, tariff management and manipulation control. The special value of METERUS®, however, is that the controlling software (METERUS® Middleware) can link the meter infrastructure directly and bi-directionally to the value-adding application systems of the network operators and energy suppliers, thus allowing them direct access to meter counts and control commands.

With this integrated solution, METERUS® generates a reduction in process costs by decreasing the running times and the required resources. The information available upon request on the real consumption profile of end customers makes it possible to offer new tariff models and to provide advice on energy use to ensure customer loyalty, as well as to gain new customers.

METERUS, with its integrated, multi-utility approach, ensures that the reference data from up to four additional meters, provided that they are M-bus-compatible (electricity, gas, water, heat), can be collected and transmitted via cable or radio, as required. The radio receiver solution for Echelon meters was developed by EVB jointly with Hydrometer GmbH, as an established manufacturer and supplier of water and heat meters, and has been in use successfully since the middle of the year at various power supply companies. The radio receiver solution makes it possible to connect up to four units, installed at different places in the residential building, via a wireless M-bus to an Echelon electricity meter, and thus to the EVB Smart Metering solution METERUS, which therefore allows remote reading.With this future-oriented technology, diverse functions for sales, as well as for the network operator, become possible.

At present, EVB is supporting around 30 Smart Metering projects at power suppliers in Germany and neighbouring countries with up to 2000 installed meters and the corresponding infrastructure.

By 2012, EVB Energy Solutions GmbH, together with Stadtwerk Hassfurt, will carry out the first Smart Meter rollout in Germany. Approximately 10,000 METERUS electricity meters will be installed for this purpose over the next three years in all Hassfurt households.