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Belgium's Smart Metering Pilot Project
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Lead Organization:
HQ Location:
Hombeek, Belgium
Project Contact Information:

Brusselsesteenweg 199
9090 Melle
Algemeen nummer 078 35 35 34

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project Summary:

EnergyICT, a provider of Smart Metering and Smart Grid solutions to utilities along with Eandis, an electricity and gas grid company in Belgium, has deployed components of Elster's EnergyAxis portfolio of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions successfully to power a large integrated Smart Metering pilot in Belgium.
In towns near Hombeek and Leest, close to Mechelen, Flanders, Eandis is setting up 4,200 Elster smart electricity and gas meters, together with a hosted ElServer meter data management (MDM) application and EnergyICT data concentrators as part of the Smart Metering pilot. The Elster power line carrier (PLC) technology and Coronis radio technology are also part of the deployment.
In order to allow real-time, remote, two-way communication involving a central MDM system and the Smart Meters, elements of the EnergyAxis AMI solution based on European PLC technology are being utilized by Eandis. Data concentrators to a hosted version of the ElServer from EnergyICT will be used to carry out data collection. EnergyICT’s ElServer is a data management application which will process the data and provided detailed consumption information to Eandis, which allows enhanced management of energy resources and the Smart Grid [1, 2].


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