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Vattenfall Smart Grid Project
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Lead Organization:
HQ Location:
Halmstad, Sweden
Project Contact Information:

Karl-Erik Olsson, Press Director,

International Project Category :
Integrated Systems 
Project Summary:

Vattenfall has completed installation of 850 000 remote electricity meters in 2009. In the first phase, 50 000 meters had been purchased, installed and commissioned during the 2003. 600,000 of these were Echelon NES PLC meters installed by Telvent, who have also provided the enterprise software. This is part of Vattenfall's extensive Swedish customer service programme. One of the aims of this programme is to do away with the preliminary debiting of customers. These new meters will be installed in the premises of around 850 000 house owners or other major private customers throughout Sweden. Apart from the meters themselves, equipment for communication between the meters and a central compilation and control system is being procured [1, 2].


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