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ERDF smart meters
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Lead Organization:
Electricitie De France
HQ Location:
Lyon, France
Project Contact Information:

Press Contact: Robin Devogelaere - Tel : 01 40 42 74 30 / 01 40 42 22 22

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project Summary:

4bn Euro exercise to install 35 million PLC connected meters, and 700,000 concentrators.

The project is being lead by EDF's distribution business ERDF.

Will commence, following a 300,000 meter pilot, in 2012 and run for 5 years - peak meter replacement volumes will be 35,000 a day.

Have selected Atos Origin to develop the information systems for the pilot in Lyon.

New “smart meters” are able to transmit and receive data for remote reading and optimized network management. Installing millions of these new meters is in itself a massive undertaking that will also generate huge volumes of data to be transmitted, stored and processed. The information system to manage this remote metering data constitutes the core of the Automated Meter Management (AMM) system.