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Lead Organization:
HQ Location:
Madrid, Spain
Project Contact Information:

C/ Ribera del Loira, 60
28042 Madrid

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project Summary:

Endesa, which is owned by ENEL, will start to install smart meters for all 13 million of it's electricity customers in Q1 2010. The exercise will finish in 2015.

The system will use the SITRED PLC protocol to connect the meters to 140,000 GPRS equipped concentrators.

The 'Cervantes' project had seen 14,000 man hours developing the specification by a team of 68 internal experts.

The meters will be supplied by ENEL, and feature a new system-on-chip solution from ST Micro - "ST will provide a complete smart-metering solution that includes a breakthrough power-line communication System-on-Chip (ST758x), which is the heart of the system, a powerful 32-bit microcontroller (STM32), and an innovative power-supply device, as well as MOSFET and EEPROM memory devices, as the basis of the new electronic power meter for Endesa."