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EDP Distribuciao
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Lead Organization:
EDP Distribuciao
HQ Location:
Lisboa, Portugal
Project Contact Information:

Rua Camilo Castelo Branco, 43
1050-044 Lisboa
Tel.: +351 210 021 400
Fax.: +351 210 021 610

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project Summary:

EDP Distribution (EDPD), an utility company in Portugal along with its partners INESC Porto, Efacec, Janz and Logica has started the InovGrid project in October 2010, to address the technical architecture that is being developed for the implementation of a fully active distribution network. It is based on a multi-level hierarchical architecture, capable of dealing both separately and in an integrated way with commercial and technical information, where the infrastructure includes several components from Central and SCADA system to Energy Boxes (EB).
The solution will apply to more than 6 million customers, bringing benefits for all stakeholders and also contribute to changes in energy consumption behaviors in order to successfully address the energy efficiency European requirements, as stated in the European Service Directive and subsequent local countries initiatives [1, 2].


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