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E.ON Czech Republic
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Lead Organization:
E.ON Czech Republic
HQ Location:
Praha, Czech Republic
Project Contact Information:

E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o.
Středisko služeb zákazníkům
Poštovní přihrádka 54
656 54 Brno

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project Summary:

In the Czech Republic, two main pilot projects testing the AMM (Advanced Metering Management) technology have been carried out recently. The former one was implemented by CEZ, the former monopolist electricity producer and now the leading integrated nation-wide electricity producer, distributor as well as supplier, in East Bohemia (at ca 2 000 supply points) and the latter by E.ON in four selected municipalities in South Moravia (ca 4 000 supply points). For each pilot, several technologies for metering of electricity (and for the CEZ pilot, also of gas) consumption and consequent data transfer have been tested. The main subject of the testing was continuous metering of load profile (energy use), remote disconnection of a meter, and use of ripple control (for heating appliances) [1].
The Ongoing pilot exercise by E.ON started in 2006 to investigate technical issues and capabilities.The project aims to install 4,000 meters from 4 different manufacturers. Meter functionality includes: 2 Way Communications, Remote Connection/Disconnection, Tamper/Diagnostic Alerts, change Time of Use, remote parametrization, profile reading consumption (15 min), profile reading voltage (15 min). The communication between Smart metering central and data concentrator uses GPRS. The communication between data concentrator and meters uses the PLC (Power Line Carrier) technology while the communication between CT meters and Smart metering central uses GSM technology [1,2].


[1] European Smart Metering Alliance Annual Report. URL: http://eaci-projects.eu/iee/fileshow.jsp?att_id=13064&place=pa&url=ESMA_...