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The SmartHouse/SmartGrid project
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Lead Organization:
The SmartHouse-SmartGrid Consortium
HQ Location:
Hoogkerk, Netherlands
Project Contact Information:


International Project Category :
Integrated Systems 
Project URL:
Project Summary:

There are three trials in the project. The first one is in Hoogkerk, Netherlands, where 25 smart houses form a power-plant. The system is controlled by PowerMatcher software, which assigns an agent to each component. One of the principal objectives of SmartHouse/SmartGrid field trial was to estimate scalability of PowerMatcher system, by trying to estimate whether it will be capable of matching supply and demand from numerous distributed resources. The second field trial was performed in Mannheim, Germany, whose goal was to create win-win-win situations with a domestic cluster of ISET BEMI plus in selected grid segments with end-users in order to improve energy efficiency, energy supply cost and grid operation. The third trial was conducted in Meltemi, Greece, whose objective was to investigate the reaction to critical situations of a cluster of Smart Houses to enhance the security of supply.