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iPower - Strategic Platform for Innovation and Research in Intelligent Power
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Lead Organization:
Risø DTU, National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy
HQ Location:
Lyngby, Denmark
Project Contact Information:

Head of Programme, Anders Troi
Intelligent Energy Systems Programme (IES)

Platform Manager, Kim Raben

International Project Category :
Integrated Systems 
Project URL:
Project Summary:

The focus on research and innovation for iPower is the shift from consumption-driven power generation to production-driven electricity.

Increased flexibility in power consumption enables a consumption that follows the generation of wind energy and thus less need for investment in electric energy distribution.

iPower will develop intelligent control of decentralized power consumption and production tools to manage millions of flexible consumption units, and methods of operation of a distribution with flexible power generation. Methods for identification of user needs and acceptance of flexible consumer units will be tested in practice.

Business cases for key stakeholders in the intelligent energy system are drawn from the platform's performance. iPower will ensure the release of the growth and innovation potential in Danish industries for development and production of intelligent decentralized power consumption and production and control tools.

iPower is based on the experiences of prominent Danish and international research and development projects, where the partners in iPower are among the main players. The iPower Platform partner group has both volume and breadth to develop and demonstrate solutions that cover all critical aspects of intelligent energy systems with flexible consumption.

The project is a collaboration of 29 partners, universities and research institutions as well as industrial companies from various countries. Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark (Risø DTU) is the coordinator and has the overall responsibility that the iPower platform achieves the desired results. iPower platform has been granted a support of 60 million DKK over the next 5 years from SPIR - Strategic Platform for Innovation and Research. SPIR is an initiative of the Danish Council for Strategic Research and the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation.

This information was submitted by Kim Raben, Special Adviser, Risø DTU, kira@risoe.dtu.dk on 12/08/2011.