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C6: Customer Uses an Energy Management System or In-Home Display

The SmartConnect advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is allowing customers to become actively involved in changing their energy consumption habits by connecting their personal control and display devices to the utility grid. This technology also makes it possible for the utility to obtain vital information to maintain power quality and reliability on their systems. There are a variety of SmartConnect programs that the customer can enroll in, that in conjunction with their Smart Appliances and Plug-in Electric Vehicles, enable them to better manage their energy usage and costs. Providing customers with the means to visually monitor information about their energy use from their residence or business helps them to make more educated energy related decisions. Customers with access to Energy Management Systems (EMS) and In-Home Displays (IHD) are more inclined to install energy efficient equipment on their premises and participate in load reduction programs. This use case describes how customers and the utility use these new technologies for improved load management.

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Southern California Edison
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