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C1: Customer Reduces their Usage in Response to Pricing or Voluntary Load Reduction Events

A major benefit of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is that it supports customer awareness of their instantaneous kWhr electricity pricing and it can support the utilities in the achievement of it’s load reduction needs. As we see increased electricity demand on the grid, it may result in energy shortages, therefore triggering the need for utilities to reduce energy consumption in support of grid stability. The AMI will help facilitate load reduction at the customer’s site by communicating instantaneous kWhr pricing and voluntary load reduction program events to the customer and to various enabling devices at the customer’s site. Voluntary load reduction events may be scheduled with a large amount of advanced notice (24 hrs) or near real-time. For the utility to receive the desired customer response, we must provide them timely pricing, event and usage information.

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Southern California Edison
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