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C2: Customer has Access to Recent Energy Usage and Cost at their Site

Customers are becoming aware of the importance of understanding how much energy they are using and when it is being used. Customers want to understand how their energy consumption habits affect their monthly energy bills and to find ways to reduce their monthly energy costs. The utility and regulatory agencies also want customers to be aware of the energy they are consuming and associated costs. By providing customers better visibility to their energy usage and cost at their site, they can make more educated energy related decisions regarding participation in load reduction programs, be more inclined to install energy efficient equipment and potentially to change their energy consumption habits. AMI will enable improved communications between the utility and it’s customers by making it possible to remotely transmit energy usage, cost and energy related utility messages to the AMI meter and down to the customer’s display device within the home or business (if equipped). The types of messages the utility may send include energy conservation alerts or tips, planned outage information and other energy related information. In this use case we will determine what AMI enabled equipment and technology (e.g., meter, communication systems and data storage) will be necessary to support our customers need to manage their energy consumption and costs including the types of data (usage, costs, messages), data refresh frequency, interval length and data access mechanisms.

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Southern California Edison
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