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A Utility Application Implementation Strategy Using the EPRI IntelliGrid Methodology and the GridWise Architecture Council Stack as a Model

Most information technology (IT) projects fail one of the triple constraints of project management: scope, schedule, or budget. The typical IT project is late, is over its budget, or has its scope reduced to fit into the schedule and cost constraints. Many projects fail all three constraints. Sadly, these projects fail for predictable and preventable reasons. The key to managing IT projects is to understand the project product and all the levels of complexity that need to be managed to deliver that product. But how does an IT project manager ensure that all that needs to be planned has been identified?

This white paper describes the practical use of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) IntelliGrid methodology for project management. The methodology utilizes use cases to define the business objectives of an IT project and the use of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) stack as a model for utility IT project execution. The white paper also illustrates how to obtain a usable use case and how to decompose it into each of the layers of the GWAC stack to create a project plan. Additionally, this white paper documents how each of the critical, cross-cutting issues of the GWAC stack are created and applied to ensure a well-scoped, successful project.

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