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Communication Networks for the Smart Grid: Pros, Cons, & Latest Options
DTE Energy, Pike Research, Verizon Wireless, and Tropos Networks

The page contains a webinar that discusses various communication network options from different angles. Utilities are faced with a range of options for implementing two-way communications networks for the Smart Grid. This panel of industry practitioners and experts reviews the available alternatives, strengths of each, and how to go about identifying best options in various scenarios. The aim is to help utilities understand and navigate private vs. public networks, mesh vs. cellular, and other wireless data networking options currently on the landscape.

- Brian V. Moccia, Major Enterprise Projects & AMI Technology Manager, DTE Energy
- Bob Gohn, Senior Analyst, Pike Research
- Bob Slevin, Vertical Account Manager - Manufacturing & Utilities, Verizon Wireless
- Narasimha Chari, Co-Founder and CTO, Tropos Networks

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