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AEP Outage Notification

This use case addresses the Outage Notification message generated by the Smart Meter and how this message gets generated into a trouble ticket.
Many AMI systems offer endpoints with a “last gasp” message transmission capability to tell the utility that the endpoints have lost power. This last-gasp transmission serves as a surrogate for the customer’s call. AMI systems using thes “last gasp” capabilities work well in helping the Outage Management System (OMS) and dispatcher understand and efficiently respond to widespread outage conditions.
This Use Case is unique as it is initiated at the NIC when it detects a zero voltage event lasting more than a programmed period of time. The NIC will issue a last gasp message that flows back to the enterprise without any request from an enterprise system. The Last Gasp Message is routed through the AMI Network to the AMI Head-End. The AMI Head-End sends the message to the ODS and the Outage Filter. The Outage Filter sorts the message(s) and sends it to the Trouble Ticket System (TTS). TTS sends the message to the OMS and the ODS. The OMS system updates the outage ticket and sends the update to TTS and ODS.

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