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Australia’s Future Grid
Smart Grid Australia

Australia’s energy system is expected to undergo a major transformation over the coming decades. This transformation will involve all aspects of the nation’s electricity chain. In preparation CSIRO is convening an Australian-first, whole-of-system Future Grid Forum employing CSIRO’s proven ‘Futures Forum’ capability. By applying this stakeholder-led methodology, the Forum’s evaluation of future options will be profoundly influenced by the participating industry stakeholders. Participants will include electricity generators, transmission and distribution network operators, energy retailers, end-user customer representatives, regulators and government (state and federal). Over a period of twelve to eighteen months, the Future Grid Forum will systematically evaluate all the major options available for Australia’s future electricity system from an end-to-end perspective. Beginning with the most efficient pathway under current system settings as a point of reference the evidence-based process will progressively shortlist alternative options with the greatest potential to deliver secure, sustainable future outcomes at lowest system cost.

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Smart Grid Australia