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Consolidated Edison Smart Grid Demonstration Project: Interoperability of Demand Response Resources
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Lead Organization:
Consolidated Edison
HQ Location:
New York City, NY, New York
Project Contact Information:
 Thomas George

Andre Wellington (WellingtonA@coned.com)
Tel: 212-460-2227
Thomas George (Tom.George@netl.doe.go)
Tel: 304-285-4825
Matt Wakefield (mwakefield@epri.com)
Tel: 856-218-8087

Project Summary:

The objective of this project was described as to "utilize a demand response command center to aggregate multiple DR resources at retail electric customer sites to supply critical services, under tariff-based and market-based programs, to the electric distribution company and to the regional transmission operator" [1, 4]. Project partners include Consolidated Edison of New York, Innoventive Power, Verizon, and Infotility. This project aligned with the six critical elements that EPRI had identified as key criteria to achieve the goals of their five-year Smart Grid initiative [1].

Project funding and location [2, 3]:
- 3 years
- $6.8 million Federal Funds
- $6 million Industry Funds
- $1 million New York State Energy R&D Administration (NYSERDA)

Technologies involved in this project were intended to provide demand response capability in 30 facilities [3]:
– 1 facility to operate in parallel with, and inject power into, the distribution network
– Use multiple engine types (diesel, combustion turbines, fuel cells – 1 CHP project to supply baseload and regulation, 3x400kW fuel cell units)
– Load reduction at 29 telecom facilities and Con Ed headquarters by changing AC set-points, rectifier voltages and variable frequency drive
– Retrofit 2 facilities, with old engines, for NOx control.

Project schedule had been divided into three phases [5]:
Phase 1: Requirements Gathering and Feasibility Studies - 2009- 2010
Phase 2: Detailed Design and Construction - January 2011- September 2012
Phase 3: Operation and Performance Measurement - October 2012- September 2013

According to [6], the project had demonstrated a Demand Response Command Center (DRCC) interface that can provide a link between the utility’s Distribution Control Center (DCC) and customer-owned distributed resources. Two case studies were also discussed in this report about Remote Dispatch of Customer-Owned Resources and Assessment of Achieving Increased Reliability with Distributed Energy Resources.

Additional Information:

Project Description:
- https://www.smartgrid.gov/sites/default/files/pdfs/project_desc/NT02869_...


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