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Alliant Techsystems (ATK) Launch Systems (Integrated, Automated DG Technologies Demonstration – Phase I Extension)
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Lead Organization:
ATK’s Corporate
HQ Location:
Promontory, Utah
Project Contact Information:
 Tom George, Kevin Jensen
 Tom.George@netl.doe.gov, KevinR.Jensen@ATK.com

ATK Launch Systems Inc
P.O. Box 707
Corinne, UT 84307-9501

Project Summary:

ATK Launch Systems in Promontory, Utah comprises over 540 buildings on a sprawling 19,900-acre site accessible by 75 miles of roads. Their power system of three main substations and 60 miles of power lines deliver about 17 MW (on-peak) to the facilities, with an annual energy bill of over $15 million. The objective of this project was described as to "develop and demonstrate a diverse system of renewable distributed generation technologies that are integrated into an intelligent automation system with two-way communications to the utility and that will produce an on-demand reduction of 15% of substation load." The ATK Launch Systems Demonstration Project technology included: Renewable Energy Sources, which are waste heat recovery systems – 100 kW of generation, wind turbines (water pumping/compressed air storage) – 100 kW total capacity, and 500 kW of total storage capacity. The wind and waste heat generators would provide energy to recharge the storage systems. The project also intend to include load aggregation and monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics, remote monitoring and control, two-way customer-utility web interface, black start, historical trending and reports, as well as alarm and event notification.

Targeted Benefits:

- Demonstrate a working microgrid
- Data collection for renewable generation
- Lower energy costs

Additional Information:

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