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RDSI - Maui Grid Modernization
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Lead Organization:
Hawaiian Electric Company
HQ Location:
Maui, Hawaii
Project Contact Information:

Matt Wakefield (mwakefield@epri.com)
Terry Surles (surles@hawaii.edu)
Mario Sciulli (mario.sciulli@netl.doe.gov)

Project Summary:

The objective of this project is [1] "to develop and demonstrate a distribution automation solution that integrates dispatch of distribution assets (distributed generation, energy storage, demand response, renewable energy, and distribution automation) and bulk power assets (central generation, energy storage, renewable energy) to achieve system-level benefits.
- Reduce distribution peak loading by 15% or more
- Improve service quality through integrated volt/var control
- Enable consumers to manage their energy use to minimize electric bills and utilize on-site renewable energy
- Support grid stability (regulating and spinning reserves)
- Enable greater utilization of as-available renewable energy sources"

The project also features Advanced Metering Infrastructure as a home portal, building automation, and tie-line dispatch control that allows dynamic control of power exchange between distribution system and transmission grid [2, 3].

Project partners are [2, 3]:
– Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, University of Hawaii
– Maui Electric Company
– GE Global Research
– Sentech, Inc.
– Hawaiian Electric Company
– GE Energy

Project Location [1]:
– Maui, Hawaii
– Wailea Substation

Project Funding and Cost Share [2]:
– 3 years (2008-2011)
– $7M Federal Funds
– $8M Industry Funds/non-Federal

Technologies being deployed include [3]:
• Integrated Volt/VAr Control - Minimize Losses and Control Voltage Profile: GE ENMAC DMS, MECO cap banks, PV inverters
• Demand Management - Optimize consumption and enable direct load control: GE Smart Meters, GE Home Energy Manager/Smart Appliances, HECO Load Control “Energy Scout” equipment, GE ENMAC DMS
• Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Management - Provide MECO greater visibility in dist-level resources: GE Smart Meters, PV inverters, Wind forecast module

Additional Information:

[1] RDSI Factsheet: http://www.oe.energy.gov/RDSI_fact_sheet-090209.pdf
[2] Hawaii Public-Private Partnerships. Online [Available]: http://www.kedb.com/_library/images/bruce%20norman%20ppt.pdf


[1] Terry Surles, "Status of Big Island, Maui, and Oahu Projects", HCEI Plenary Session, October 19, 2009. URL: http://web41.its.hawaii.edu/www.hnei.hawaii.edu/sites/web41.its.hawaii.e....
[2] Eric Lightner, "Smart Grid and DER Integration Activities Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy", presented at the 3rd international conference on Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources, Dec 10-12, 2008. URL: http://www.conference-on-integration.com/pres/54_Lightner.pdf.
[3] Steve Bossart, "Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration Demonstration Projects", EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Advisory Meeting, October 12-14, 2009. URL: http://www.smartgrid.epri.com/doc/15%20DOE%20RDSI%20Project%20Update.pdf