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RDSI - UNLV Demonstration Project - Integrated PV, Battery, Storage, and Customer Products with Advanced Metering
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Lead Organization:
Nevada Power, GE Ecomagination
HQ Location:
Las Vegas, Nevada
Project Contact Information:

Matt Wakefield (mwakefield@epri.com)
Yahia Baghzoud (baghzouy@unlv.nevada.edu)
Tom George (Tom.George@netl.doe.gov)

Project Summary:

The UNLV project started in 2008 and is unique among RDSI projects in its highly aggressive goal for reduction in peak electricity demand. The 65% reduction goal at the feeder/substation level is more than four times higher than the minimum goal set by DOE for these projects. UNLV and its partners plan to design and build a new housing development of approximately 180 homes that are designed from the ground up for energy efficiency and incorporation of advanced energy technology. In the planned “Villa Trieste” community in Las Vegas, the homes will feature roof-integrated 1.76-2.43 kW photovoltaic (PV) systems, tankless water heaters, Energy Star appliances, low-E windows, advanced meters, advanced automated appliances and thermostat controls, and advanced in-home displays of energy use. Outside the home, the project will also incorporate demonstrations to overcome electricity grid integration, control, and communications issues. This includes advanced wireless mesh network technology, battery energy storage at the substation, and a research component on how customers interact with in-home energy technologies [1].

Project Location [2]: Las Vegas, Nevada and Villa Trieste Community

Duration [2]: 5 years

Cost [2]: $7 million federal/$13.9 million non-federal

Project partners are[2]:
- University of Nevada
- Pulte Homes,
- Nevada Power Company

Technologies implemented include:
- Energy Efficient Homes (Sensus Icon residential meters, In2 Networks, Energy Star Appliances, Low-E Windows, and Tankless Water Heater)
- Roof Integrated PV Systems 1.76-2.43 kW
- Battery Energy Storage System at the substation
- Advanced wireless mesh network technology
- Advanced Meter Infrastructure for HVAC thermostat control


[1] EPRI, "UNLV RDSI Demonstration Project - Dramatic Residential Demand Reduction in the Desert Southwest". URL: http://www.smartgrid.epri.com/doc/UNLV%20RDSI%20Final.pdf
[2] Steve Bossart, "Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration Demonstration Projects", EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Advisory Meeting, October 12-14, 2009. URL: http://www.smartgrid.epri.com/doc/15%20DOE%20RDSI%20Project%20Update.pdf