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Chevron Energy Solution L. P. (RDSI)- CERTS Microgrid Demonstration with Large-Scale Energy Storage and Renewables at Santa Rita Jail
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Lead Organization:
Chevron Energy Solutions
HQ Location:
Alameda County, California
Project Contact Information:
 Brian Mollohan

Brian Mollohan
Project Manager
National Energy Technology Laboratory
3610 Collins Ferry Road
Morgantown, WV 26507-0880

Osama Idrees
Principal Investigator
Chevron Energy Solutions Company
345 California St. 18th Fl.
San Francisco,CA 94104-2624

Project URL:
Project Summary:

The objectives of the proposed demonstration were to significantly reduce peak load and measurably improve power reliability at Santa Rita Jail. This was to be accomplished by implementing a CERTS (Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions) microgrid that would incorporate one of the nation’s largest customer-sited NaS energy storage systems with multiple distributed energy resources. By effectively reducing peak load, the project planned to improve grid reliability, increase grid efficiency and security. By providing islanding capability, the project would meet critical customer reliability requirements.

Project Partners:
- California Energy Commission
- California Public Utilities Commission
- Alameda County General Services Agency
- PG&E
- California ISO
- University of Wisconsin

- Reduce peak load of utility distribution feeder by 15% via utilization of distributed energy resources (DER)
- Demonstrate the commercial implementation of CERTS self-healing, DOE-developed microgrid combined with large-scale (12 MWh) distributed energy storage
- Improve power reliability by providing dispatchable renewable energy
- Increase grid efficiency and security through the development of monitoring, diagnostic, and automation capabilities
- Providing uninterrupted power to the entire facility

Key Milestones:
- Diesel Control System in service (November 2010)
- Battery in service (February 2011)
- Static Disconnect Switching service (February 2011)
- Evaluation and reporting complete (November 2012)

According to [1], with the installation in 2011 of a 2-MW advanced energy storage system and an automatic disconnect switch, the facility evolved into a complete smart grid with full CERTS functionality—meaning, it has the capability to “island” itself off of the main utility grid and independently generate and store its own energy. The distributed energy control system also can dramatically reduce peak demand during normal grid-connected operations or during a demand response event.

Targeted Benefits:

- Improve grid reliability
- Increase grid efficiency and security
- Meet critical customer reliability requirements
- Increase future commercial applications of CERTS microgrid technology with large-scale energy storage
- Demonstrate DER “plug and play” capability
- Reduce diesel consumption by 90%

Additional Information:

1. Chris Marnay, "Microgrids: U.S. Activities", presentation at Microgrids: Novel Architectures for Future Power Systems, Paris, Jan 29, 2010. URL: http://www.microgrids.eu/documents/Ch._Marnay_US_Activities-2.pdf


[1] Success Story: Santa Rita Jail, Alameda County, California. URL: http://www.chevronenergy.com/documents/CaseStudies/SRJ.pdf

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