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Pacific Gas & Electric AMI Project
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Lead Organization:
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
HQ Location:
San Francisco, California
Project Contact Information:

Residential Customer Service Center 1-800-743-5000
Smarter Energy Line 1-800-933-9555
or use the contact us form:

Project URL:
Project Summary:

Pacific Gas & Electric, based in San Francisco, CA, serves about 5.2 million electric and 4.8 million natural gas consumers in the state of California [1, 2].

In summer 2006, the Commission approved PG&E’s AMI project with a budget of $1.74 billion [3]. Power Line Carrier technology was selected for providing communications between the utility and its electric meter network (5.1 million meters); and fixed radio frequency network is selected for its 4.2 million gas meters.

In December 2007, PG&E had filed a request for an additional $624 million in funding to upgrade its metering technology. PG&E proposed to install new advanced meter technology with the following added functionality: an integrated load limiting connect/disconnect switch toremotely connect and disconnect customers’ electricity, and also limit the amount of power that can be used at any given time; a Home Area Network (HAN) gateway device to link PG&E’s AMI network to the customer’s HAN; and solid state meters with advanced micro-processing capabilities and memory to support the above functionality, and remote software and firmware upgradeability [3].

As of June 2010, there were 5.9 million smart electric and gas meters installed [4]. According to the California Government’s report in March 2010, PG&E’s Smart metering program helped implement dynamic electricity prices for all California consumers enrolled [5]. PG&E had bought advanced meters from General Electric and Landis+Gyr to be installed as part of the smart grid project [6]. PG&E started the project in 2006 with plans to complete the installation by 2011 [7]. In [8], PG&E stated that, they had deployed nearly ten million electric and gas SmartMeters™ deployed across its 70,000 square-mile service area. Also, PG&E installed advanced automation technology on over 380
distribution circuits throughout its service area to improve electric system reliability by significantly reducing the length of service interruptions.


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