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Arizona Public Service (APS) Community Power Project Flagstaff Pilot
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Lead Organization:
Arizona Public Service
HQ Location:
Flagstaff, Arizona
Project Contact Information:

Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
- (800) 659-8148 (outside metro-Phoenix)
- (602) 216-0318
- communitypower@aps.com (anytime)

Project URL:
Project Summary:

Arizona Public Service (APS) is a utility company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. With a generation capacity of about 4000 MW, APS serves more than a million electricity consumers in the northern and central parts of Arizona [1, 2].

In early 2010, Arizona Corporation Commission approved APS solar pilot project in Flagstaff. APS installs "utility-owned solar arrays on approximately 200 homes, solar water heaters in about 50 homes, and small-scale, stand-alone wind turbines on approximately six properties in a limited distribution area in northeast Flagstaff" [3]. The technologies employed in the APS smart grid project include, for example, intelligent diagnostics, automation technologies, and central distribution information management systems. These technologies allow APS to measure and track the effects of weather, equipment failure, customer usage, and other types of operational impacts on the distribution system. According to [3], "the Flagstaff Pilot project will incur capital expenditures of $10.8 million, deployment costs of $3.8 million, and ongoing expenses of $410,000 per year".

According to [4], Flagstaff Smart Grid Pilot is deployed in 95% of Flagstaff, and portions of Coconino County. As of May 2010, APS has:
- Installed 36,000 Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters by Aug 2009.
- Automated 15 distribution feeders out of 4 Flagstaff substations.
- Provided sensing technologies to detect power outages and fault indications.
- Adopted self-healing technologies on 4 feeders.
- Deployed large pipe fiber communications.
- Installed 1.5MW distributed solar energy and energy storage systems.

By 2012, APS plans to deploy 1,000,000 smart meters [4] with over 375,000 deployed to date (as of May 2010) in metro Phoenix and Flagstaff.

The company began its first phase of deployment in 2005 with more than 160,000 meters by contracting with PowerOne Data [1, 5]. The company has partnered with KORE Telematics for the wireless communications services and Elster Integrated Solutions for the data collection services with new electric meters to achieve its AMI [2, 6, and 7]. The Meter Data Management Software for APS’ AMI has been developed by Aclara [7].

Additional Information:

- Project Map: http://www.aps.com/_files/mktg/SandvigMap2.jpg
- Technical Spec: http://www.aps.com/_files/renewable/FCPPTechnicalSpecifications.pdf
- News Release (May 2009): http://www.aps.com/main/news/releases/release_519.html


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