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Poudre Valley Rural Electric Cooperative AMI Project
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Lead Organization:
Poudre Valley Rural Electric Cooperative (PVREA)
HQ Location:
Fort Collins, Colorado
Project Contact Information:

For more information on this and other energy conservation programs
offered by Poudre Valley REA call the Member Services Department at

Project URL:
Project Summary:

Headquartered at Fort Collins, CO, Poudre Valley Rural Electric Cooperative (PVREA) provides electric services over the northern Colorado territory of 5760 square miles stretching from Boulder, Colorado to Wyoming border. The utility has started the smart meter installation project since 2008. PVREA has partnered with Landis & Gyr for the installation and deployment of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) on the cooperative’s 3,600 miles of power lines [1]. Technologies implemented in the project include "automated energy monitoring and control capabilities to help achieve greater efficiency and detect surges and interruptions in the power supply" [1]. This will enable real-time grid diagnostics across the service area of PVREA.

The completion date of the project is 2014.

PVREA is pursuing the deployment and installation of AMI for all of PVREA's nearly 35,626 accounts [2].

The Radio Frequency Mesh infrastructure provides a data communication backbone for the distribution automation and the home area networks [3]. The project costs are estimated at around $4.5 million dollars for the smart meters to be installed [4]. Poudre Valley’s AMI is an advanced two-way network combining RF Mesh and TS2 power line carrier (PLC) systems operating on a single software platform, which provides optimal coverage for meters in the utility’s suburban centers, as well as the mountainous and remote areas [4, 5].


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