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Xcel Energy's Smart Grid City
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Lead Organization:
Xcel Energy
HQ Location:
Boulder, Colorado
Project Contact Information:

Call 1-877-887-3339 or
e-mail smartgridcity@xcelenergy.com

Project URL:
Project Summary:

Xcel Energy – A public Service company of Colorado is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. It started its implementation of Smart metering and Smart Grid projects for the city of Boulder, CO in 2008 [1, 2, 3, 4]. Xcel Energy established the Smart Grid Consortium, which includes Accenture, Current Group, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and Ventyx, to work in partnership to provide products and services throughout the project lifespan [2, 3]. The project cost is about $100 million to install 100,000 electric smart meters in the city of Boulder, CO, which is now called the ‘Smart grid city’ derived from the project’s name [2, 3]. The utility is now able to read customer’s meters remotely and reduce power outages as well as quickly identify false power outage calls [2, 5].

The Xcel Energy's Smart Grid implementation involves a three-phased approach [1]:
(I) Quick-hit projects -- This is to quickly demonstrate smart grid concepts within each component of Xcel Energy's utility value chain. This includes, for example, smart substation, smart distribution assets, smart outage management, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and consumer web portal.

(II) Smart Grid City (2008-2010) -- This is a 100% deployment of all of elements from the quick-hit projects in one location, including all premises and the monitoring and control of all resources on the grid. The technology deployed consists of two-way high-speed communications served as the backbone of the entire smart grid system, smart meters that collect home electricity usage data in 15-min increments; MyAccount website and in-home smart devices.

(III) Xcel-wide deployment of proven technologies (dependent on the learnings from the first two phases)

Additional Information:

"SmartGridCityTM: A blueprint for a connected, intelligent grid community", Presented to the Utah Public Service Commission, May 13, 2009. URL: http://www.raponline.org/docs/XCelEnergy_SmartGridCity2_2009_05_13.pdf


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