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United Illuminating (UI) Smart Project
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Lead Organization:
The United Illuminating Company
HQ Location:
New Haven, Connecticut
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Project Summary:

The United Illuminating Company (UI) is a New Haven-based regional distribution utility engaged in electric services to more than 324,000 residential, commercial and industrial consumers in the Greater New Haven and Bridgeport areas [1, 2, 3]. According to the UI web site, there was an effort underway at UI since 1999 to maximize the ability of the UI's metering system to benefit customers. This is before it was known as “Smart Grid”. The UI's Smart Project aims to provide reliable, affordable, efficient and effective utility services. It enables customers with more choices and tools to monitor their electricity usage. The core of the UI's Smart System effort is its smart metering program. Its smart metering program is expected to provide the following services to the customers [4]:

- Measure how much energy used and time of use.
- Store electricity usage information — allowing online access the next day over the Internet.
- Automatically send meter readings via wireless technology.
- Help UI to better manage power outages.
- Reduce the need to build power generation facilities.

UI has selected Ecologic Analytics for its smart meter system implementation [2]. The company projects its AMI implementation costs to be around $75 million of which $8 million would be used for equipment costs and updating of billing and computer systems [5]. United Illuminating has employed a cell net fixed-network radio-frequency advanced metering system [1].


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