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United Illuminating (UI) Smart Project
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Lead Organization:
The United Illuminating Company
HQ Location:
New Haven, Connecticut
Project Contact Information:

The United Illuminating Company
P.O. Box 1564
New Haven, CT 06506-0901

Project Summary:

The United Illuminating Company (UI) is a New Haven-based regional distribution utility engaged in electric services to more than 324,000 residential, commercial and industrial consumers in the Greater New Haven and Bridgeport areas [1, 2]. According to the UI web site, there was an effort underway at UI since 1999 to maximize the ability of the UI's metering system to benefit customers. This is before it was known as “Smart Grid”. The UI's Smart Project aimed to provide reliable, affordable, efficient and effective utility services. It enabled customers with more choices and tools to monitor their electricity usage.
UI's communications network had been upgraded to a two-way mesh network. Remote connect/disconnect capabilities had been made available for approximately 75,000 meters. Their mobile workforce solution has been integrated into the Customer Information System (CIS) and their networked metering system [3]. UI renewed their contract with Landis+Gyr’s to include more flexibility for the utility to use all data collected from the advanced meters, including advanced outage/event data and voltage data. This data would position UI to respond quickly to any advanced rate requirements, provide customers with enhanced electric usage information aimed to help customers better manage their energy usage, enable more robust storm and outage information and allow the utility to analyze the reliability and capacity of the grid. UI had used Landis+Gyr’s fixed network advanced metering system since 1999. In 2008, UI deployed a Gridstream™ RF two-way network and is now nearing 100K Landis+Gyr advanced meters [4].

Additional Information:

News release URL: http://www.uinet.com/wps/portal/uinet/about/!ut/p/c5/vc7JcptAEAbgZ-EB0MwQFnHELNKwDBoWC3FRAUYIIxYLrAGe3qrkkhySkyv9H7v-_hqk4Jkue9RVNtV9l91AAlL57Pp45-kK1vArlSAWsUD9QEcQSuAIEiiew_dlwGuzBu8rZWFkO2FuMs-wcGRYHslLOJpXEsWDHzXImXLKyBrPsFDRq0VNDe8Hg1Xc81b6pxbK4lMzNSXCBO6Q8GsP_zIaBCeQKr_1fdV49iOK6VZBMIAg-sZv_20J_9FC32rZIK3zdsOKdgM3ECIZSeoPZasIsiSoUEbgGJwWVR8xs8z0IiWZ2EOkBfuXtakkwaHJ_faRJkaZdbZbNo-7MOmteJFmxsNT98kiVsaO6_lp2b7JsW98JuPd3PbzXO1umNRzxgexf6_aaHFl4eK5utgLct9eK1jwqzZP5HjoD4vRdo6-TKr-hgeytfjlOmn0EJBR5WN_HfMsKPDgjGdNO0lZIx_71nmZnYddr67BB3YsRsNHF3puWfOYFN3ILpTjANn3bQmG9jHs1-RnSo3jvgDFNTAo/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?pcid=04b2dd8040ad1e7988eebccebe987544


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