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Oncor Electric Delivery Company (Dynamic Line Rating)
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Lead Organization:
Oncor Electric Delivery
HQ Location:
Dallas, Texas
Project Contact Information:
 Ronald Staubly

1601 Bryan Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Project Summary:

Oncor and its partners are conducting studies to remove constraints that prevent utilities from using Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) technology. Oncor will install and commission DLR technology at 26 locations distributed along eight transmission circuits located in Bell, Bosque, Falls, Hill, McLennan, and Williamson counties in central Texas. These circuits have been identified as significantly constrained by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. At each location sensors will be attached to transmission towers. Radio receivers will be installed inside ten substations. The remaining dynamic line rating components will be housed at a transmission management system control center in Dallas. DLR technology uses a tension sensing device installed directly in a transmission circuit that accurately rates the conductor allowing better line management that enables the reduction of grid congestion. The use of DLR will provide the true transfer capacity of the grid in real time accounting for actual weather conditions. Oncor will demonstrate how installation can be streamlined; optimize the number of monitors required to rate the transmission line; train installation crews in effective installation practices; evaluate current calibration techniques to improve productivity and accuracy; and develop a best practices manual for future installations. Oncor will also demonstrate a technology that monitors line sag/clearances without requiring mounting equipment on the structures or line, which provides the flexibility to move sensors as needed.


- 26 Nexans CAT-1 units and associated logging & communications equipment
- 5 EDM Sagometer units
- 2 Promethean Devices Real-Time Transmission Line Monitoring System (RT-TLMS) units

Targeted Benefits:

- Electric costs reduced
- Power reliability increased
- Greenhouse gas emissions decreased

Additional Information:

For more information about the project, please refer to:
- http://www.smartgrid.gov/project/oncor_electric_delivery_company_dynamic...

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