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AEP Ohio (gridSMARTSM Demonstration Project)
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Lead Organization:
AEP Ohio
HQ Location:
Columbus, Ohio
Project Contact Information:
 Darshan Goswami, Karen Sloneker
 Darshan.Goswami@netl.doe.gov, klsloneker@aep.com

Darshan Goswami
Project Manager
National Energy Technology Laboratory
626 Cochrans Mill Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236-0940

Karen Sloneker
Principal Investigator
850 Tech Center Drive
Gahanna, OH 43230-6605

Project Summary:

AEP Ohio and its partners are building a secure, interoperable, and integrated Smart Grid infrastructure in Ohio that demonstrates the ability to maximize distribution system efficiency and reliability, and consumer use of demand response programs to reduce energy consumption, peak demand costs, and fossil fuel emissions. The demonstration area includes 150 square miles including parts of Columbus, Bexley, Gahanna, New Albany, Whitehall, Reynoldsburg, Westerville, Blacklick, Johnstown, Alexandria, Minerva Park, and Pataskala. This area includes approximately 110,000 meters and 70 distribution circuits. AEP Ohio will implement Smart Grid technology over 58 13kV circuits from 10 distribution stations and 12 34.5kV circuits from six distribution stations. Included in this project is a new distribution management system (GE ENMAC), integrated volt-VAR control, distribution automation, advanced meter infrastructure, home area networks, community energy storage, sodium sulfur battery storage, and renewable generation sources. These technologies will be combined with two-way consumer communication and information sharing, demand response, dynamic pricing, and consumer products, such as plug-in hybrid vehicles.


- Reclosers
- Automated switches
- Capacitors
- Regulators
- Mesh radios
- DA logic software

Targeted Benefits:

- 500 jobs created
- Decreased energy costs, improved Smart Grid reliability, reduced energy consumption, lowered peak demand, and significantly reduced carbon emissions
- Lower risk of implementing new technologies into existing electrical networks
- Greater U.S. energy security from reduced oil consumption

Additional Information:

For more information about the project, please refer to:
- http://www.smartgrid.gov/project/aep_ohio_gridsmartsm_demonstration_project


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