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City of Painesville, Ohio (Vanadium Redox Battery Storage Demonstration Project)
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Lead Organization:
City of Painesville
HQ Location:
Painesville, Ohio
Project Contact Information:
 Ronald Staubly

7 Richmond St
Painesville, OH 44077-3222

Project Summary:

The City of Painesville, Ohio and its partners will demonstrate vanadium redox battery storage capacity at the 32 megawatt (MW), coal-fired Painesville Municipal Electric Plant (PMEP). Using stored power enables the facility to attain the same daily output requirement, more efficiently and with a lower carbon footprint. When the project is fully implemented, the plant will operate at a constant 26 MW, 80 percent of rated capacity. The long-term goal is to scale the battery system in stages, ultimately upgrading the facility to 10 MW of capacity with up to 80 MW hours of storage. In the first phase, 1 MW of power with 6 to 8 hours of storage will be installed. This capacity is sufficient for Painesville to evaluate the benefits of energy storage, assess its uses in optimizing power generation efficiency, and facilitate American Municipal Power with leveling the peak demands of the system. A bi-directional four quadrant inverter, with a rated capacity of 1.0MW and 1,440 amps at 480 VAC, will be used to provide AC/DC and voltage conversions. The battery will be constructed with two parallel electrolyte flow systems providing the total net electrical capacity of 1.0 MW. Each subsystem will be comprised of 64, 10kW stacks. The subsystems will be arranged in parallel to supply peak operating loads. Each stack subsystem will have their electrolyte flow into two 15,000 gallon polymer tanks, at rates ranging between 500 and 1500 gallons per minute. The battery components will be produced in the United States and the stacks will be assembled in Painesville before being installed at the PMEP Battery Building.


- Power Conversion System
- Battery Control System
- Redox Battery Stacks
- Storage Tanks
- Electrolyte Circulation System

Targeted Benefits:

- 29 job created with an additional 2,046 created by 2014
- Energy costs reduced
- Power quality improved
- Carbon emissions reduced by 24,000 metric tons

Additional Information:

For more information about the project, please refer to:
- http://www.smartgrid.gov/project/city_painesville_ohio_vanadium_redox_ba...

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