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Duke Energy Business Services (Notrees Wind Storage Demonstration Project)
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Lead Organization:
Duke Energy Business Services, LLC
HQ Location:
Charlotte, North Carolina
Project Contact Information:
 William J. Ayers, P.E., Jeffery S. Gates
 William.Ayers@netl.doe.gov, Jeff.Gates @duke-energy.com

526 South Church St.
Charlotte, NC 28202-1904

Project Summary:

The Notrees Project will analyze and discern how, when integrated with wind power, energy storage can compensate for the inherent intermittency of this renewable power generation resource. Incorporating both existing and new tools, technologies and techniques, this demonstration project will provide valuable information regarding wind energy storage and serve as a model for other entities to adapt and replicate. The energy storage system will be designed and constructed using fast response, advanced lead-acid batteries configured to provide 36 MW output capabilities with a storage capacity of 24 MWh.


None listed

Targeted Benefits:

- Congestion reduced
- Energy dispatch optimized
- Energy costs reduced
- Energy efficiency and grid reliability improved
- Carbon emissions decreased
- Wind energy knowledge advanced

Additional Information:

For more information about the project, please refer to:
- http://www.smartgrid.gov/project/duke_energy_business_services_notrees_w...

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