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SustainX, Inc. Smart Grid Storage Demonstration Project
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Lead Organization:
SustainX, Inc.
HQ Location:
West Lebanon, New Hampshire
Project Contact Information:
 Ronald Staubly

21 Technology Drive
West Lebanon, NH 03784

Project Summary:

SustainX is developing and demonstrating a modular, market-ready energy storage system that uses compressed air as the storage medium. SustainX uses a crankshaft-based drivetrain to convert electrical energy into potential energy stored as compressed air. SustainX’s ICAES system captures the heat from compression in water and stores the captured heat until it is needed again for expansion. Storing the captured heat eliminates the need for a gas combustion turbine and improves efficiency. SustainX achieves isothermal cycling by combining patented innovations with a design based on mature industrial components and principles. The system is designed for a 20-year lifetime. It achieves full power output from start-up in less than one minute, and it does not use toxic chemicals.


- Omegadyne PX319 Pressure Sensors
- NanmacThermocouples
- Tenma 72-6628 DC Power Supply
- Dynaload DLVP 50-300-3000A

Targeted Benefits:

- Jobs created
- Electricity costs reduced
- Grid efficiency improved
- Renewable energy source use accelerated
- Greenhouse gas emissions reduced

Additional Information:

For more information about the project, please refer to:
- http://www.smartgrid.gov/project/sustainx_inc_isothermal_compressed_air_...

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