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Newport Utilities AMI Project
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Lead Organization:
Newport Utilities
HQ Location:
Newport, Tennessee
Project Contact Information:

170 Cope Boulevard
Newport, TN 37821-2870
Phone: 423-625-2800
Fax:, , 423-623-5767

Project Summary:

Newport Utilities, a distribution company, serves over 20,000 electric customers in the eastern Tennessee area (Cocke County) [1] from the generation of power from Tennessee Valley Authority. Newport Utilities started its investigation on implementation of AMI technologies in 2005 [2]. Newport decided to use Tantalus Utility Network‘s (TUNet) 900 MHz Local Area Network and 220 MHz Wide Area Network for providing two-way communication coverage over 95% of its service area [2]; and chose GE I-210 solid state meters for their electricity metering. Newport set reporting intervals so that electric meters could send readings and PQM measurements every hour, whereas water meters report consumption once a day. It also used TUNet to monitor and control infrastructure devices and, as a result, has been able to detect and often correct problems with reclosers or regulators before they impact customers and power delivery [3].
Tantalus announced that it has completed several AMI deployments within the TVA. Newport is one of the utilities who can boast full-scale two-way smart metering platforms that support interval and on-demand meter reads, remote disconnect/reconnect services, instantaneous outage reporting, and over-the-air firmware upgrades [4].

Additional Information:

Tantalus and Newport Utilities- http://www.tantalus.com/cs_newport.php


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